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£5 donation per person to St Peters & St James Hospice

St Peters and St James Hospice Logo.png
St Peters and St James Hospice Logo.png

Saturday 25th May 2024 from 7.00pm at Earth Camp

Whirlpool Galaxy_edited.jpg
Wizard Nebula.png


Join us and marvel at all of the wonders of the universe! 

Look at the Moon through a telescope and gaze in wonder!  Wander your eyes over the beautiful star Clusters which are thought to be the cores of ex-galaxies the Milky Way has collected! 

Learn how to navigate the Stars and the Earth, by always knowing where North is.  Or we might see nothing at all! (we've not managed to get rid of clouds yet!)

Flame and Horsehead Nebula_edited.jpg
Crescent Nebula_edited_edited.jpg

The Star Party will be hosted by our local expert astronomer, and owner of the South Common Observatory, who took ALL of the above pictures in Chailey! Xe will be bringing various telescopes, and providing expert advice as to how to use them, along with several other experts. Be prepared for some mind-blowing knowledge along the way!

We are really lucky to have 'Pizza in Paradise' at Earth Camp for the Star Party, offering delicious wood-fired pizzas at very reasonable prices.


We will also have a fantastic barrel SAUNA at our Star Party, courtesy of Chilled Life Saunas!
To book your 1-hour time slot between 5-11pm for £15pp please email us, or use our BOOKING FORM

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Chilled Life sauna photo 1.jpg
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