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At Earth Camp, helping sustain our environment and saving the planet is at the heart of everything we do.  We have built our campsite as environmentally friendly as possible, by repurposing many items,  striving to buy the most eco-friendly products and aiming to educate our guests to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our site is set deep in the countryside, and has its own woodland, so it is very important not to disturb the wildlife and habitats. Please help us by familiarizing yourself with the country-side code.

We only use composting toilets to reduce water consumption (flushing toilets use between 6 and 13 litres of water per flush) and to reduce excessive use of environmentally harmful chemicals. The compost waste, which is far less smelly than that in a portaloo, is separated, stored & decomposed for 2 years, and eventually used to safely nourish hedges and trees (off site). Our compost toilets have been hand built using recycled or reclaimed wood where possible, and we provide recycled toilet paper.  Creating these toilets ourselves has helped us appreciate our access to flushing toilets in our homes, so we have decided on Toilet Twinning with toilets in South Sudan, Pakistan, Mozambique and DR Congo.

We provide environmentally friendly and biodegradable shampoo, hand soaphand sanitizer and washing up liquid free of charge! Please only use our products so that we can protect the land. We also encourage that you use loofahs and coconut brushes, attached to each sink, to clean your pots and pans, as they are both effective and save on plastic waste too (and last for AGES!)

When cleaning the site (which we do vigorously at least twice daily) we use environmentally friendly cleaning products, including our cleaning sprays and sustainable sponges.

We do our very best to keep our site as clean as possible, but please pay your part in picking up your litter, as litter ruins the wildlife habitats as well spoiling the site for other campers. We are bin-less site (as research shows this actually reduces littering, and encourages better habits) and request that you split your rubbish and recycling and take it with you when you leave the site please.


Any rubbish that you can't take with you, can be left for a cost of £3 per bag and clean recycling can be left for free disposal at the notice board, however we would prefer you to take it home. Please also make sure you use our fire pits for your camp fires to avoid burning holes on the grass.

We are trying to encourage people to spend more time outside in the British countryside.  Spending time in nature can do wonders for our sense of wellbeing, while allowing us time to appreciate the beauty of the world, it's plants and its animals, and will hopefully encourage more respect for the environment. We encourage walking and will provide information on local footpaths and links to online footpath guides.  We are also keen vegetable gardeners and aim to have a few seasonal vegetables and herbs available on site, for you to enjoy.

From 2024, Earth Camp will have solar panels on site, which we will use to charge the leisure battery used to power our hot showers, as well as some power banks, available for guests to hire.

We only sell locally sourced firewood; dried for 24 months, and tested well below the 20% moisture level legal requirement.

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