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Earth Camp's Eco-Facilities

At Earth Camp, we pride ourselves on our facilities, and know how just how important their cleanliness & functionality is to you. 

We have 5 washing up sinks, 2 hand basins, a stand pipe, 4 composting toilets and 2 hot showers, all of which have been hand built by our founder Will, using mostly reclaimed timber.


We care deeply about the land, and supply recycled toilet-roll, and eco-friendly, top of the range biodegradable shampoo, hand wash and washing up liquid.

We provide coconut-fibre scrubbing brushed and loofahs for cleaning your dishes. Please click on the link for more information on our Environmental Policy

Our showers are spacious, and are always hot/warm (we set them at different temperatures, but the far shower is usually the hot one).

We thoroughly clean our toilets, showers and sinks twice a day, with tough-but-kind eco-friendly sanitising liquid.


If there is ANY problem with any facility, then please contact Will on the Poo Hotline 07889052334 or anyone else working at the campsite, and we will fix the issue immediately.

Our composting toilets receive 5 large handfuls of sawdust, and a cup of eco-friendly compost accelerator down them twice a day, to promote breakdown and reduce the smell. Our compost toilets use urine separators as it also reduces the smell considerably.

We also provide air fresheners in each cubicle.

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