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Wellness and Family Drumming Circles @ Earth Camp

Wellness Drumming Circle: 11am-12 Saturday, 8th June 2024

Family Drumming Circle: 11-11.30am Saturday, 22nd June 2024

Join us for a unique experience that combines rhythm, connection, and wellness under the open sky at Earth Camp, Chailey. Prepare to immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of drumming in a beautiful, natural setting.

Why Drumming? Drumming isn't just about creating music; it's about setting a path to wellness.

This scientifically proven approach helps in reducing stress, enhancing mental clarity,

and fostering a sense of belonging. It's a powerful journey back to our core, facilitated through the universal language of rhythm.

No Prior Experience Necessary! Worried you've never touched a drum before?

Let those worries fall away. Our Wellness Drum Circle welcomes everyone,

regardless of musical background or experience. Here, playing the drums becomes a tool,

not a challenge—a means to connect, release, and rejuvenate.

What to Expect:

  • A welcoming, inclusive atmosphere where you're encouraged to explore and express yourself through drumming.

  • A guided session that makes use of drumming as a pathway to wellness, allowing you to experience deep relaxation and joy.

  • The chance to connect with like-minded individuals in a beautiful setting that amplifies the healing power of nature.

Don't miss this chance to experience a powerful, healing circle that will leave you feeling grounded,

energized, and deeply connected. Spots are limited, so secure your place in our circle today!

Let the rhythms heal you, teach you, and bring you back to a state of wellness and joy.

Join us for a joyful, musical morning at Earth Camp, Chailey! We’re excited to welcome families to our special Family Drum Circle event. It's the perfect weekend activity that combines fun, learning, and connection.

No Experience? No Problem! Never held a drums? No worries! Our Family Drum Circle is designed for everyone, with no prior experience needed. It’s all about coming together, trying something new, and finding joy in the rhythm.

A Special Opportunity for Parents Playing together isn’t just fun; it offers unique insights. Parents, you’ll discover a new side of your children as you drum, laugh, and learn together. It’s a heartwarming way to understand your child better and deepen your family bond.

Accessible and Fun for All We believe music-making should be for everyone. That’s why we choose simple, easy-to-play instruments, like drums and percussion. And yes, we’ll even show you how to make music with your voice and body! Our focus is on keeping everything accessible, ensuring that each person, regardless of age or ability, can join in and enjoy the fun.

This is not just a drum circle; it’s a chance to create lasting memories, build stronger bonds, and experience the sheer joy of making music together as a family.

Spaces are limited, so make sure to mark your calendars and join us for an hour of music, laughter, and community.

  • Location:  Earth Camp, Chailey

  • Date: Saturday, 8th June, 2024

  • Time: 11 a.m. to midday.

  • For: Adults and children over 12 are welcome.

  • The cost of participation is £10

  • All drums and percussions will be provided. Just bring yourself and a readiness to explore the rhythm.

  • Where: Earth Camp, Chailey

  • When: Saturday, June 22nd, from 11 a.m. to 11;30 a.m.

  • What to Bring: Just your family and a smile! All instruments will be provided.

  • For: children,  adults  (children under 10 must be with parents)

  • The cost of participation is £5


To book your place please either contact or info@earthcamp or phone Will on 07889052334.

Drumming Circle tickets can also be purchased when booking camping through our booking system.

more information, please visit: or

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