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Chilled Life Sauna at Earth Camp

Chilled Life sauna photo 2.jpg

We're delighted to announce that we will be working with Chilled Life Sauna this year at Earth Camp.

The Chilled Life bespoke 6-person Finnish-style wood burning sauna has been hand-built locally by the owners, and allows you to enjoy the calmness of the heat in a place that has been traditionally a place to relax and unwind after a long day, a social hub to meet up with friends and enjoy a debate amongst likeminded people.

The benefits range from improving physical health by increasing heart rate and thus reducing the risk of a heart attack, strengthening immune system, to boosting mental well-being by lessening the strains brought up by our hectic lifestyles. The heat relaxes tension in muscles and is great after any sport activity, whether casual or played professionally.

The Chilled Life Sauna is available for hire at Earth for your group at a rate of £250 for 24 hours. Please contact Will in advance to book.

Alternatively, we will be holding pop-up Sauna dates at Earth Camp, starting with our Star Party on Saturday 25th May 2024. A 1-hour sauna will cost £15 per person, and slots are available from 5pm-11pm, bookable via our BOOKING LINK or as an option when you book your camping.

Chilled Life sauna photo 1.jpg
Chilled Life sauna photo 3.jpg
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