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Welcome to Earth Camp, Chailey

We are a small, back to nature, eco-friendly campsite, set in a peaceful pocket of the Sussex countryside. Surrounded by trees, we are a within a short walk of 4 excellent country pubs and just a 25 minute drive away from the seaside.  

Our unique offering is therapies on-site;  weekly yoga sessions; a sauna on Saturdays, and a wide range of outdoor games.  Our mission is to build a community, cherish the nature around us, and educate ourselves and our children. We hold events such as stargazing, foraging, drum and gong baths and yoga retreats

As a family run site, we have a personal commitment to making your camping experience as pleasurable as possible, so we stay on-site every weekend as a family with you

Our campsite lies on a ley line, and the Prime  Meridian runs directly through our meadow also. Earth Camp is literally where East meets West, and we aim to harmonize. We also have a magical Faerie Wood; You can literally feel the beautiful energy when you are here.

Campfires, BBQ's and well behaved dogs are welcome (fire pits/wood/dog litter bins provided).

For those who seek a little luxury in camping, we have spacious hot showers, a coffee truck  visiting Saturday & Sunday mornings, a fantastic pizza oven on Saturdays and a Sauna all day Saturdays too!  We also have a number of beautiful Bell Tents available to hire, which we will put up for you in an area with friends if needed.

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